Booze Cruise

Donna Manning (Jun 2013)
Booze Cruise by Blackjack Billy
32 counts, 2 wall, Low Intermediate
Intro: 16 count intro, NO Tags or Restarts

Heel Switches, Heel, Hook, Heel, Center, Heel Switches, Heel, Hook, Step
1+2+ R Heel, R to Center, L Heel, L to Center,
3+4+ R Heel, R Hook, R Heel, R to Center
5+6+ L Heel, L to Center, R Heel, R to Center,
7+8 L Heel, L Hook, Step L forward (12:00)

Rock Step, Back Lock Step, ½ Turn L, ½ Turn L, Coaster Step with Heel
1, 2 R Forward Rock, Recover to L
3+4 Step R back, Lock L over R, Step R Back
5, 6 ½ Turn L Stepping L forward, ½ Turn L Stepping R back
7+8 Step L back, Bring R together with L, Present L Heel (12:00)

+Touch, + Heel, + Walk, Walk, Out, Out, In, In, Walk, Walk
+1+2+ Step L Down, touch ball of R behind L, Step R back, present L Heel, Step L back to Center,
3,4 Walk R, L
+5+6 Step R out to R side, Step L out to L Side, Bring R back to Center, Bring L back to Center and in FRONT of R,
7,8 Walk R, L (12:00)

Out, Out, In, Cross, Back, ¼ Turn L, Crossing Triple Step, ¼ Turn L, Touch (Triple Step forw.)
+1+2 Step R out to R Side, Step L out to L Side, Bring R Back to Center, Cross the L over the R,
3,4 Step R Back, ¼ Turn L Stepping L to Side (9:00)
5+6 Cross R over L, L to L Side, Cross R over L, ¼ Turn L
7,8 Stepping L forward, Touch R next to L (alternative for 7,8 – ¼ L Triple making it 7+8) (6:00)