Bring Down The House

Stéphane Cormier + Denis Henley – Nov. 2015
Bring down the House by Dean Brody
32 Count, 4 Wall, Level Intermediate Level: Intermediate
Intro: 16 counts
4 Wall – after 8 counts
9, 12, 13 Wall - after 24 counts
At the end on 6. + 10. wall
Séquence: 32-32-32-8-32-32-(tag 4)-32-32-24-32-(tag 4)-32-24-24-32

Heel Grind ¼ Turn r, Coaster Step, Rock Step, Triple Turn l
1-2 Right heel grind ¼ turn right, recover left
3+4 Step R back, step Step L beside R , Step R fwd
5-6 Rock L forward, recover on R
7+8 Step L ¼ turn left, step R beside L, step L ¼ turn left
Restart here on wall 4

¼-Turn l and Stomp right, Hold, Kick l, Side, Stomp l, Hold, Behind, ¼ Turn l and Step fwd., Step Right to right
1-2 ¼ turn left and stomp R, hold
3+ Kick L forward, step L beside R
4-5 Rock R to the right side, stomp L to the left side
6 Hold
7+8 Step R behind L, ¼ turn left and step L forward, step R to right

Back Rock, Triple Step side, Back Rock, Kick Ball Cross
1-2 Rock L back, recover on R
3+4 Step L to left, step R beside L, step L to left
5-6 Rock R back, recover on L
7+8 Kick R forward, step R beside L, cross L over R
Restart here on wall 9 - 12 - 13

Side, Together, Side, Together, Cross, Step Back, Together, Triple Step locked fwd.
1-2 Step R to right, step L beside R
3+4 Step R to right, step L beside R, cross R over L
5-6 Step L back, step R beside L
7+8 Step L forward, step R behind L, step L forward

TAG at the end of wall 6 + 10
1-2 Rock R forward, recover on L
3-4 Rock R back, recover on L